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Advancing Young Minds

Inspire, Empower, Enable

The aim of education should be to teach us
how to think, rather than what to think.
James Beattie

Our Vision

Advancing Young Minds
To inspire, empower and enable
young minds to accomplish

Our Mission

To ensure that the current situation does
not determine the future potential

Through our ‘thinking’ education we will bring
about rapid positive change for challenged
groups and individuals by enabling them to think
effectively, communicate with confidence and
set achievable goals, for a fulfilled and
meaningful life.

Advancing Young Minds – Values


To value diversity and the right to be different


To value young minds and their infinite potential


The importance of continued learning

Target Group

Advancing Young Minds uses a targeted intervention
model based upon a combination of evidenced based
thinking skills , specifically tailored to meet the needs of
individuals and groups (16yrs – 21yrs) with specific
challenges, including:

– Those not in education, employment or training (NEET)
– Those with few or no educational qualifications
– Those at risk of exclusion from school
– Those on the edge of care
– Those at risk of offending (or other risk taking behaviours)
– Self-Referral

Our Style

We acknowledge that some people find it challenging to engage with traditional academic
methods or subjects. The AYM method delivers training using a number of tools and techniques
within a supportive and empowering environment.

Direct teaching



Delivering Train the Trainer modules to invest in young people and build and sustain the model


Support and knowledge sharing groups developed within each class

Access to leading professionals with expert knowledge in a range of business skills

Building confidence and learning to re-think

The AYM Model will work with young people to
unlock their potential by teaching them highly
transferable business skills as well as building
confidence and resilience.

By delivering a range of modules within an
alternative learning framework the AYM model
will empower and develop young people and
enable them to be active and successful
participants within the community

The Programme

Our programme has been designed using evidence based tools to
improve cognition and help develop skills which can be utilised
both personally and professionally.

The programme comprises of a number of complimentary core
modules that are not offered in this way within current learning
environments and is delivered across a [INSERT LENGTH OF COURSE]:

Our Outcomes Framework

We have designed an outcomes framework in order to evidence
the impact of our programme and ensure that it continues to
deliver valuable outcomes for participants that are sustainable
and measurable

Individual achievements or behaviours

  • Certification
  • Participation and attendance to learn
  • Communication and linguistic skills
  • ‘Thinking’ skills

Social and emotional capabilities

  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Planning/ problem solving
  • Relationships & leadership
  • Resilience & determination

Benefits to society

  • Contribution to employers
  • Contribution to the economy
  • Strengthened community

Inter personal relationships

  • Improved communication
  • With family
  • With peers
  • With employers
  • With community

Note: The outcomes framework can be aligned to meet the requirements of our partners.

Building Relationships

The Advancing Young Minds group will build relationships with a
number of key agencies and organisations to support our Mission
to inspire, enable and empower young minds. This includes :

– Schools
– Youth Services
– Job Centres
– Community Groups
– Business
– Individual referral

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